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Achievements & Future Directions

Advocacy and Lobbying

The Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc has had many highlights since it was formed.

In 1994, the group was formally recognised by the then Minister for Defence, Science & Personnel and the Chief of the Defence Force for providing families with special needs a much needed National network of support and information.

In 1995, the DSNSG was awarded the prestigious Australian Achievement Award by Disability organisations around Australia.

Also in 1995, the achievements of the DSNSG were recognised by Channel 9 (SA) and the group was awarded a Spirit of South Australia award and featured on the Spirit of South Australia segment.

In 1997, the DSNSG received a Certificate of Recognition in the National Link Community Award.

1998 saw the introduction of a new ADF policy to support families with special needs upon a posting.

The DSNSG was recognised for its work with Defence Families with Special Needs in 2002 by the Governor-General of Australia, Sir William Deane AC.

In 2004, the DSNSG received a CODI Award for “Outstanding Community Service”.

Our greatest achievement however, has been made in assisting families. Whether it be in helping to access respite or therapy services or linking families with similar need together when posted, we do it all.

Future Directions

Our main objective is to continue to provide support, information and assistance to Defence families with special needs, both at a local and a National level.

Local support groups are an important part of the DSNSG network. All Coordinators are volunteers and give their time and energy freely in helping other families.

We need to continue to develop our local support groups, making sure that they are meeting the needs of the families in that area.

The DSNSG is currently working on a number of projects which we hope will further assist families with special needs.

We are very proud of what we have achieved in the short time that we have been operating. Our accomplishments have already had a significant impact on the lives of Defence families with special needs.

The group’s credibility is such that other organisations and departments are tapping into our network to provide information for their families and that the group is actively sought for various opinions in relations to disability issues.